Spiritual Growth and Vimshamsa Chart : A Detailed Analysis

Spiritual Growth and Vimshamsa Chart : A Detailed Analysis

  • 10/2/22

Spiritual Growth and Vimshamsa Chart : A Detailed Analysis


Greetings !

You are the native of Scorpio Ascendant. The powerful ascendant of of Warrior  Mars.

Scorpio rising are energetic, enthusiastic, confident and have a charismatic, energetic persona.A Scorpion Ascendant is not someone who can be pushed around or taken for granted. They want to be respected, honored.. They come across as powerful people, strong-minded  ambitious, secretive,hardworking, straightforward  Your actions and way of life get strong reaction from people. Your intuition is so strong that you can sense any threat quickly, like a Scorpion does .

They are excellent leaders. They are good in giving orders and controlling juniors.

You are very good planners and managers can achieve success and money from  business. They are good decision makers. You may  take the right and wise one .Subjects like research, detective ,psychology or philosophy may suits you. Your interest can even land you  into astrology and paranormal subjects.You are adventurous and likes to explore more and more doors of mysterious matters.

You are independent and can not work under domination. Your own individuality is important and can work better with juniors. You are determined and focused in your  work.

You are courageous and excellent in speech  , highly imaginative and creative. You can choose writing, public speaker, consultant or orating as your profession too.

You walk with strategies. You follow strategy and achieve success you have sharp mind and can memorize everything very well.

You may help others and solve problems but  need to know that in order to succeed in every subject you choose or  need to understand that everything according to your wish is not possible. Sometimes denial and failure may disturb you  a lot you can’t accept rejection.You are cautious, careful, generally pragmatic and focus on basics in the religious practice.

Query : Queries Wanted to know about her spiritual horoscope. Deity of upasana? Future in spiritual life? Obstacles in path and remedies for the obstacles? What has to be done by her to walk on the spiritual path? Mainly D20 analysis.

Query : Spiritual Progress Report

We are in this birth as a process of runanubandhan, some people we need to pay and some people pay us. This is the process of life. Rajyoga planet period is showing previous birth good Karma and malefic yoga planet period is showing the bad deeds of our previous birth .So this is all about the Karma and only Karma.

कर्मण्येवाधिकारस्ते मा फलेषु कदाचन।

मा कर्मफलहेतुर्भूर्मा ते सङ्गोऽस्त्वकर्मणि।।

For spritual growth some important factors in every chart are : In D1 chart Dharm(spiritual) Trikon should be strong which is first ,fifth and ninth  houses and same time Moksh trikon should also be strong which 4th, 8th and 12th houses. It means your spiritual knowledge and inclination is able to give you  moksha (salvation).We should check the strength of D1Planets  in d9 also.

The Planet of spirituality and wisdom Jupiter should be strong to discriminate the right and wrong path in life .Atamkarka and  Saturn plays a vital role to create self discipline, sacrifices and good Karma in life.

And the most important is Vimshama schart(d20).

Placement of Jupiter decides actual spiritual knowledge and teaching capabilities.

Retrograde Jupiter is  placed in 7th  house  in the sign of Venus (Taurus). Jupiter is the best planet for Scorpio ascendant to bless with knowledge, spirituality,philosophy, good deeds of previous birth. Placement of Jupiter in Taurus in kaam bhav  7th can create strong quest for spiritual growth but same time diversion after reaching high level of spirituality. Retrograde means moving ahead and then again backward motion not allow to move smoothly or follow the things as they are. Jupiter is a heavy planet in which house it is placed decrease  the power of that house .So seventh is the house of kaam (Bhog) so Jupiter cannot be considered auspicious for materialistic worldly matter in 7th house,  specially for marital happiness.But it can be better for spiritual growth since you have an exchange of Jupiter and Venus and this is an exchange of wealth and life partner’s house  so this is good for the wealth of husband but not good for the the worldly happiness .But definitely good for spiritual wealth and spiritual  family background but  spiritual journey is always fluctuating sometimes ,Sometimes a lot of doubts and some time super satisfaction.

Now to your trikon houses:

Dharm Trikon

Dharam trikon  house are 1, 5 and 9th. Your Lagna Lord Mars is placed in its own sign in Lagna , this yoga is known as Ruchak yoga.A great wealth giving and strong determination yoga.But Mars is combust so  because of combustion the power of Ruchak yoga is not that great but it’s good for wealth matters .  This is an indication of Sanyas yoga , the combination of Lagna lord and 8th Lord Mercury in lagana and both are combust and  aspected by the most strongest planet of your Horoscope ,Jupiter is  clear and strong indication of spiritual journey and for the Quest and strong desire for the real essence of life , salvation .

2nd Dharam trikon house Lord is Jupiter which is in 7th house and I have explained about Jupiter’s placement  in 7th house.That is definitely decreasing the interest in worldly matters and increasing the interest in  sanyasa and Moksha. This is very good for achieving the depth of higher knowledge. 5th house is the house of deity also,  retrogression of 5th lord is an indication that your deity and your Sadhana marg  should not be purely traadditional. Shakti Sadhna(Ma Durga or Saraswati).

3rd Dharma house is in 9th. The Lord of 9th house is Moon which is placed in 10th House in the  royal sign of Zodiac king Sun .

Moon in 10th House for Scorpio Ascendant will want  recognition for your concerned fields as  your  mind is strongly connected with authoritative positions or name.You can’t live a life without recognition. You may  desire to have  admiration and appreciation especially people with you or your Guru.Moon in 10th house for Scorpio Ascendant creates a strong magnetism .You may travel to foreign places for your Guru or spiritual experience.

You may  gain authority, fame and recognition at your workplace and community where you stay. when you  travels, especially to foreign lands or faraway places  you may have out of body experiences that trigger the spiritual guidance of ancestors for fulfilling some desires. You should dedicate some of your prayers to your ancestors and  prey for their blessings. You may  like to travel or be out of native place  for search of spiritual quest . This is the best placement of Dharam trikon in 10th House and it is a confirmation of  achieving the higher level knowledge and recognition,  since 9th  house  is house of destiny and Fortune and 10th  house  is of Karma so by your karma you may be able to achieve that best knowledge and recognition for your spiritual growth. 9th is the house of Guru .This  indicats of having the best guru in life and blessings of Guru and saintly people in life.

Moksh Trikon.

There are 3 Moksha houses 4,8 and 12. One of them is forth which is under  the lordship of  Saturn,  second Moksha houses is  8 which is under the lordship of Mercury and third Moksha  houses is 12th lord is Venus.

First mokshaa house Lord Saturn which is in your luck house means you have a strong desire of Salvation and Moksha and you are fortunate to have this path in life but not destination.You are inclined towards religion, old scripture, pilgrimage and to learn more and more about divine knowledge.

2nd Mokshaa houses 8th whose lord Mercury is with Lagna Lord Mars( Dharm trikona house lord) and creating budhaditya yoga .  Combination of 8 and Lagna Lord in lagna is an indication of worldly suffering in this birth but this is good for divine journey . I have explained about this combust Mercury  and Lagna Lord combination. At some  level this combination  of Mercury can create trouble in moksha but it’s good 4 spritual journey.

3rd Moksha houses is 12th whose Lord is Venus. 12th house Lord Venus is placed in Earth trikona or money house  and the Rahu is placed in your 12th house  the moksha house.  You need to put a lot of conscious and careful efforts because of the Rahu Placement in 12th house.You have a lot of suffering and diversion from your spiritual path because of Rahu in 12th. About This twelfth house and Rahu I will explain in detail because currently you are under the influence of this Rahu where you are facing a great struggle inside you between spirituality and worldly environment.

Two extremely different ideologies are creating  troubles. You want the spiritual goal but there are so many obstacles in current time ,that is creating pain.

But don’t worry this is a temporary phase destiny will lead you towards your final goal of spirituality but still it will take time . You are on journey,destination is far away and you have to face  struggle to reach at your destination. You should worship  Ma Durga and Lord Bhairav. .

The strong Association of Dharma and Moksha houses is very useful for  salvation but in your horoscope this connection is not great though you are blessed in terms of Guru ,in terms of divine Knowledge but still you need to put more conscious efforts as your 12th house has Rahu which may create illusion at the last moment and you may be doubtful whether you are on the right path or not .This  doubt is due to Rahu in 12th house.

Guru may  be your survival . 12th house is the house of  gurus place(Ashram) so currently You may have some problem there or you may feel uncomfortable there.

For spiritual growth, d20 chart and atmakaraka Planet plays a vital role.

Atmakaraka is  Saturn which is well placed in dharma and luck house 9th and blessing you with Guru ,saintly association and guidance for your higher spritual journey and giving you  the divine power  .You are lucky to have a strong atmakaraka means a strong divine bliss and spiritual strength. When Saturn is atmakaraka then we need to put a lot of hard work for spiritual growth as Saturn is significator for dedication   hard work, sacrifice, tolerance ,penace etc.  You should be tolerant to outer world and sacrifice a lot. This will be helpful for getting the  favourable results for your spiritual journey.

The most important is D-20 chart

I really appreciate your query to know  about  your spiritual growth . Self realization or  connection  with our soul,  is the greatest  achievement  of life which is the aim of only  enlightened and lucky  person. Divisional charts in vedic astrology plays a very important role to study all aspects  of life minutely and comprehensively. D20 or Vimshamsa  chart is very important regarding spiritual lifestyle. Vimshamsha and Navamsa chart are one of the most important charts to see a person will live a spiritual life. Vimshamsha the D20 chart and Navamsa D9 Chart show the true inner progress in life.

For any human being GOD realization is the final goal. D-20 chart helps us to know where we are and how to and where to improve upon our practices for more success.

D20 chart or the Vimshamsa Varga or divisional chart we look for spiritual growth. It is also looked for Guru shishya parampara or related activities. The religious practices & inclinations towards the true essence of life.

The basic calculation process of the Vimshamsa Varga or D20:

For the Vimshamsa Varga or divisional chart or the d20 chart, we divide any sign into 20 parts with 1 Degree 30′ assigned for each part. also, the table starts from Aries if the planet is sitting in an movable sign. The table  starts from Sagittarius or Dhanu Rashi if it is sitting a fixed sign. and it starts from Sign Leo or Simha Rashi if the planet is sitting in a mixed or dual  sign.

The Vimsamsa or the 1/20th division of the sign or a Rashi(D-20), The counting for the lord of the first division starts from Aries onwards for a movable sign, from Sagittarius for a fixed sign and from LEO for a common sign.

Each sign is divided into 20 parts with 1 degree 30’ each.

Degree of ‘ your Lagna  is 20:14  means it’s  14th Vimshamsa which is  Capricorn as we count from  Sagittarius ,because your lagana sign is fix(Scorpio).

Vimshamsa Chart

Different houses of Vimsamsa Chart.

First house

Vimshamsa lagna is  Capricorn and it’s lord  Saturn is in 7th ,means you need tapa(sacrifice) for spiritual growth. Worldly affairs can many time stop your path and distract you but your strong determination, affirmation and surrender will give you the higher divine growth, ultimate goal of your life. You are not the person who can give up you have the strong will to face the challenges and to come over from  all kind of hurdles and attain the ultimate goal of your life. This is what your ,Saturn wants to bless you .But after sacrifices and tolerance not easily, so be ready to face challenges.  So you have to struggle for spiritual  success. Need to follow strict  and  disciplined Sadhana marg. You need to control the outer worlds  reaction then only you will be succeeded. You should focus on your path , your ideologies, your belief system.

Second House d20

This house deals with Sanskar or good Karma  to worship and it relates to speech or chanting. It also connects to Mantra chanted by the person. also worship related activities. It corresponds to the kuldevta or deity of that kula or lineage. Your second house  Lord  Saturn is in  7th  house.You may follow  kul  tradition ( family tradition))with faith .You may develop interest in kirtan and bhajan .You are blessed to have  Kuldevi devta blessings, you should follow that.That blessing  is your power. Worship your Kuldevi and devta. You are fortunate to have birth in a blessed religious family, it’s not compulsory that you follow the same trait but you should have Belief in that.

Try to be disciplined , dedicated  and particular  for your spiritual path.

Third House d20

This house connects to spiritual trips or pilgrimages to do with religion . also daily personal religious advice given to others(Preachings)It connects going to temples . also what one is doing in religious duties because number 3 is for communication & writing for  your belief. It means communication-related to the house of dharma. You have Pisces sign in your 3rd house which  shows  emotional  connection with your Almighty . You may be able to explore or uncover some hidden aspects of dharma. New dimensions of your own way but silently and secretively. 3rd house is debilitated and the third house has debilitated Mercury also so you need to put a lot of efforts for above mentioned areas .Sometimes your journey or travel may not be purposeful ,not able to  meet the person whome you want to meet. Some minor problem can be a part of your spiritual travels . Plane perfectly for your spritual trips .Sometime people are not taking you seriously for your message or Preachings.  You need to be more skillful for your communication and what you want to deliver to others. That should be very precise and effective that people can understand the essence of your message , so make it balanced.

Fourth House d20

It also suggests the kind of character you observe or your ethical path. Your spiritual or Dharma actions towards society. as the fourth bhava deals with the image in general so this bhava deals with your good actions towards other people .your tolerance and activities that are group activities like Kirtana or group meditation. Since your 4th Lord  Mars is in it’s Exaltation position in lagana with mighty JupiterandVenus. Great yoga for your magnetic powers, spiritual attainment and good image in surrounding. You may be recognized and get enlightenment but not moksha in  this birth time.

Fifth House d20

5th house this house naturally deals with mantras and mantra Siddhi. It deals with our devotion and emotion for the prayers. Our thoughts of enlightenment and the path of progress.The fifth house is generally dealing with the Purva past life Punya or good deeds. Your 5th Lord Venus  is  also in lagana with Exalted Mars and Jupiter. Very favourable and strong position in Lagna and this combination is of third ,4th  5th, 10th,  11th and 12th. Lord’s.This is the best Power Point  of your chart which is giving you the confirmation of your purv Punya , the good deeds of previous birth Only because of your karma  you got a good Guru, good Sadhna path ( divine path) , enlightenment and divine environment  . So you need not to worry you have blessings .Definitely current period is creating stress but that is completely temporary.Your deity is Ma Durga . Your reading your knowledge is really your power .So you should read more and more religious books and try to provide spiritual guidance to people .Your life will be transformed .You should read Geeta ,when you are reading don’t limit with the religion go beyond religion and try to read  all the texts  then you finally able to understand and develop your own belief system .This should be the real gain of your life .As I have mentioned earlier you are not the person who can follow anything blindly. Connect with your real soul.

You need to do a lot of Sadhana for your divine goal.5th house denotes deity also you should worship   ma Durga ,your Kuldevi Devta. ,your ultimate blessings are coming from them ,your internal connection. Meditation is your key of energy.

sixth House d20

Deals with obstacles to do with you worship or legal conflicts one could get into in the path of self-realization or Dharma activities. if it is strong enough it suggests strong willpower to pursue one’s goals. It could also mean pain and problems related to Dharma or religion-related activities. Your 6th lord  Mercury is in 3rd in it’s debilitation. You have lot of problems and confusion ,illusion related to your spiritual journey. Your  accumulated karmas are good  to overcome from these spiritual challenges. But yes challenges will be there .

Seventh House d20

This bhava has to do with dhyana or meditation. also as house 7th(seventh) connects to relationships and Groups of people so this means Havana and group activities which one does with community involvement  it also gives the growth of the religious activities . as being the Kendra Bhava or house it has to do with charities and celebrations as well . Your 7th lord is in luck house 9th . Your ability to connect and guide people is  good and you can very popular among masses. Dhyan and meditation is  also strength of your vimshansha chart. You should take  responsibility of some spritual organisation or activities and spread your purity over there . So wherever you stay or  present you  will spread spiritual fragrance over there . Only lucky people can understand you and revert you in a very respectful way a person need a pure heart to understand you. Your spiritual Vibes may energize your home. You are emotionally connected with your belief system .If someone hurt you you may be in a strong emotional pain

Eighth House d20

As the eighth house deals with death so this mean the death of materialism. So it could also mean moksha or liberation deal or deal with nirbikalpa Samadhi or sbikalpaVikalp Samadhi. being the eighth bhava of problems and it also talks about mental pain and Aches Especially to do with the spiritual path. it also tells about the secrets of religious practices and about your bhakti bhava. Again inclination of deep Sadhna(meditation) . Though  the 5th Lord  Sun is in 12th.This means this divine journey is not  smooth, you try your level best but results are not according to your efforts. 8th lord in  12th means your Sadhana is taking you towards enlightment but in the journey there are many hurdles and confusion.

Ninth House d20

This ninth house or bhava talks about devotion and good deeds. It talks about religiousness ,holy trips and your donations. it also means good conduct or going to pilgrimage. it also connects to your relationship with your guru. mantra Japam as well as it is from 5th from the fifth house(mantra japam). It is the house of Dharma the house points to the Isht Devata or your dharma devta. Debilitated 9th lord is creating disturbance to follow the perfect path and  inclination for religious trips(pilgrimage).

The only solution is  meditation, Sadhna ,Guru Mantra jaap etc are the food of your  soul.Your favourable deity to worship may be Ma Durga , Ma parvati. Try to .Visit Jyotirlinga and Famous Shakti Perth, like Kamakhya devi etc. Most of your signs are related to even signs, so the Shakti Sadhana will give you strength and energy.

Tenth House d20

The tenth House deals with your patience for the worship and the strength of your determination about the Karma or action. Especially to do with spirituality the right path following that also with dignity. it talks about a secret spell that is an action or result of mantras. it is also suggested acquisition or action of the power of Mantra on others. The 10 lord  Venus in lagana in Rajyoga as I havementioned earlier. means ,you enjoy meditation or Sadhana you love to sing (Kirtan)you, love to perform religious activities and responsibilities. Your spiritual path  will examine you again and again and you have to pass that exams by patience,tolerance, dedication and commitment.

Eleventh House d20

The 11th house deals with Niyam(rules) or fulfillment of the desires. eleventh bhava or house is of expansion. so for enhanced desire to worship. The desire to have gained as well because 11 bhava deals with gains and is Satvik in nature. Your 11th lord is Mars  is well placed in lagana . So it means your Sadhana, your spiritual path will not face financial crisis, financially you will be always at a satisfactory state and your path of spirituality is the path of discipline and Sadhana. .Definitely you will gain a lot but  after struggle that is for sure.

Twelfth House d20

The 12th(twelfth house) deals with celebration or final emancipation. it’s for the Ashram of the Guru where the emancipation happens for a person.AS it is fourth bhava form ninth bhava so represents the home of guru or ashram. It also refers to meditation or confinement or even Samadhi. That is a sleeping condition.

Your 12th lord Jupiter is  debilitated in lagana but there is the cancelation of debilitation .So there will be ups and downs in your spiritual journey but finally  luck may favour you. Your Bhakti is  in the form of  Sadhana, tap, jap and  ,tyag(sacrifice) . You  are under the influence of Rahu major period.

Rahu Period  24-8-2017 to 24-8-2035

Rahu in your Horoscope placed  in twelfth house in Libra sign and Swati Nakshatra 1 pad(charan)

Rahu in Swati Nakshatra pada 1:

Rahu represents – the things which was unfinished in your past life but you wanted to fulfill it anyway any how at the end stage of your life & due to that strong desire you were again born to fulfill that unfinished desire in this present life signified by the house where rahu is placed in birth chart , Rahu is actually our obsession, desire,illusion, some craziness for unfinished goal , , foreign elements, electronics things, new age technology , magician , healer , researcher who think out of the box & it can also breaks traditional rules & regulation. Rahu wants all materialistic things , status , name & fame in most easy & shortcut way . So we’ve our own ambitious , dreams , desire , craziness due to this Rahu . Rahu create an insecurity and unknown fear for related to that particular house where does it  placed(12th) .Your Rahu is in 12th in D1 and in  d9 also in 12th and in Vimshamsha chart Rahu K,etu both are in the same sign Libra but in 10th House ,The house of your karma .This Rahu Ketu are in 10th house of Vishamsa .So this period can create karma related  struggle since you are on your journey of spiritual progress ,so the struggle will be in spiritual path ,spiritual progress.

12th house represents – spirituality, meditation yoga, Spiritual divine knowledge blessings , house of dreams , spiritual intuition power, actual spiritual creativity , It is the house of loneliness, Charity ,donation, foreign place, Aashram ,,hospital, asylum , expenditure , loss of any energy,  hidden talent, its a mokhsa house , import – export business , permanent foreign settlement , Foreign multi national company etc

So whenever rahu gets placed in 12th house , rahu brings his own significant qualities to the 12th house & influence to your 12th house matter & from the 12th house rahu is 5th aspecting to your 4th house of mother land, mother nourishment – care , personal space home environment & also rahu 9th aspecting to your 8th house of your private hidden secret world , underground things , searching of hidden secret mystical things . So actually rahu is activating your all MOKSHA TRIKONA HOUSES 4 , 8 , 12 houses by being placed in 12th house rahu is aspecting to your 4th house as well as 8th house . So definitely Rahu can create struggle to your moksa. Rahu is a foreign planet ,Rahu love to separate from the things .So your salvation is not in your own native country or nearby .Since Rahu is aTaboo breaker so you may not follow the tradition of your spiritual tradition of your parents .You might start taking interest in something else due to disinterest in parental tradition. This is the quality of Rahu which create disinterest in the things which are going in our life we want something new and  different. Rahu want exploration , research ,very much scientific attitude but at some level this research oriented scientific aptitude given by Rahu is troublesome in spiritual progress because mokha needs surrender and complete dedication without logic but  Rahu wan’t  support these for you. This is the main reason  of not  geting Moksha. But you should not worry about your Moksha as you are in this life to do some great selfless job which is not less than Moksha. Rahu start working on our  thought process , even we know that we are not on correct path ,wisdom is giving again and again alarm that this is not correct then also our thought process is not in our control .This is the illusion and maya of Rahu which can disturb spiritual progress. This you need to understand clearly in the current period.

Above mention qualities are significant only in Rahu period not always, yes the placement of Rahu can disturb above-mentioned areas in life time  but not much (can be controlled at some level)when it’s own period come then it , start dominating powerfully ,because it’s his own period now nobody can control him only surrender of mind can control  .Which can be possible by higher blessing of Guru and divine knowledge.

> if rahu gets placed in 12th house then definitely ketu must be placed in 6th house & ketu means your past you’ve already experienced 6th house of  job service,  daily routine hardwork , giving service to the poor needy people  in your past life so in this present life it’s becoming unimportant to deal with 6th house  matter , job and all , so you  want to escape  from 6th house related matter & try to move towards the 12th house matter to getting relaxed , calm , cool , more spiritual & love to travel specially 12th house of  foreign spiritual beautiful place .

> 12th house represents foreign unknown place where another foreign entity rahu gets placed & from the 12th house rahu is aspecting or influencing to your  4th house of motherland home environment , So rahu can bring native far away from motherland or foreign country or foreign unknown place & it also represents loving of foreign tour travels .  Now as we know that 12th house represents isolation – loneliness ,  4th house personal home environment & 8th house private secret world So 12th house rahu is activating your 4 , 8 , 12 houses by being placed in 12th house & aspecting to 4th & 8th houses can make you interest in spiritual occult subject interest or hidden secret subject searching like researcher,  occultist, astrologer  . Sometimes at your aashram you may feel trapped or controlled by the external environment and that gives you very frustrating energies. Movement is compulsory in Rahu period. Rahu won’t allow stability this is clear.Start Exploring.

Libra the sign of Rahu’s placement, whose Lord is Venus, represents creativity who gets exalted in pisces sign which is the natural zodiac sign of 12th house in kalpurusha chart , So  I can say that 12th house is good for creative beautiful artistic areas .  12th house represents  our higher psychic imagination power , dreams , things behind the scene,subconscious, mysteries ,whereas rahu represents illusion so 12th house rahu can make you creative  writer ,novelist, collum writer, some unique innovative and experimental approaches and experiences in your spiritual field ,which you should share via  writing ,articles and blogs internationally. As earlier also I have said that you are a taboo  breaker, you can’t follow traditional approach .Your experience may be  different and unique explore that and start writing for that .You will be a different kind of spiritual guide. Your chart is   not Weak. You need to teach, preach and guide people this is not the birth of Salvation this is the birth of exploration .You are trying your level best for the Moksh or Salvation  due to Rahu in 12th. Rahu amplifies that Desire because of  12th house. But you should forget thinking about Moksha follow the humanitarian path with creative aspects

Rahu is the no 1 merchant in the world because rahu is the lord of Swati naksatra which also  represents business agreement dealing & 12th house also represents import export business . Your rahu is placed in 12th house in  libra sign in swati naksatra 1charan.

You should be a bit professional and start some commercial activities as per your interest. In your concerned fields. You can start something like Art of Living, Sadguru, similar to like that but your way should be purely scientific and psychological. Your area and approach should be International .Sitting without any work and only doing Sadhana is not favourable things in Rahu period that can create  stress and struggles .You should be highly occupied with responsibilities ,work and activities. Superstitions are allowed as per your planetary positions.

Rahu in first pada falls on the Sagittarius Navamsa which is ruled by Jupiter gives good results as Venus and Jupiter are well placed .

Rahu is at its zenith in Swati but in a different way. But not for mokshaa  to give something unique and different to this world . Since your ultimate desire for salvation , Rahu wan’t fulfill this desire at any cost because this is the basic nature of Rahu in 12th house. Rahu create a strong desire for a thing which is not possible .You should change your path, give light to this word. This birth is due to some  unfinished Karma of previous birth in this life and your birth is under that Karmic baggage. Give light to many people, change their lives ,add value to their life, help in their depressive state ,be a light to them be empathetic .These are the best way to fulfill the purpose of this life and come over from all kind of Karmik baggages. Seva and Parmarth.

You shall observe that the very things Rahu craves in 12th are the topics that tend to create issues in this materialistic, rule bound world which Ketu-6 so intensely disregards,disputes, at workplace or with people  around you.

I hope you are clear with your Rahu period, I have given much emphasis on Rahu as this is an 18 year period of Rahu which has been started from 23rd August 2017 and that is upto 24 August 2035. This is a the transforming period for your life  which will decide the great success ,your spiritual progress .So you need to manage your life according to current period of Rahu. I can guarantee you ,your struggle will be half .The reason for struggle is, that you  want something else and life is offering you  something else .This imbalance can create struggle .You should be very clear that in this period , things will not happen as per your desire, you should accept that but same time  some  positive side are also waiting for you that I havementioned. . Start prioritizing the best part of Rahu as I have mentioned obove. Rahu Jupiter period which is up to 29 September 2022 after that Saturn Rahu Saturn period will start, need a lot of efforts, sacrifices , Sadhana and humanity .Help people in amidest of their darkness, unconditionally .The best thing you can do and start writing and sharing your experiences, create different kind of spiritual path ,some experiments  where people can connect with you , trust you .You are not a person who can follow the same orthodox trdditional path  you should do your own ,something new to which has an international approach,  can include International  community.For spirituality meditation, Sadhna  and psychological understanding should be the most power point of your new path. You need to move  you need to start traveling and only Shiva and Shakti will help you in this path. You can opt something different in Shakti Sadhana as in  traditional system. Something simple and unique.

Secondly Bhairav Sadhana is also favourable for you but first Shakti

In  coming periods don’t expect much from your own people .You are not here in this life to enjoy the comfortable ,peaceful and harmonious  life .Your ultimate way is your Sadhana and Dharma but with certain changes. You will be able to show the path and guidance to many people ,you can change the life of people by your divine power.

You should understand the power Nakshatra the Swati,in which Rahu is placed .As a result,  of Swati nakshatra you may be good at the art of socializing and accommodating.

Goddess Saraswati aur Maa Durga is assigned for the planet Rahu .Rahu is an Airy planet and Swati Nakshatra is also Airy  so the influence of this area planet can give you the high level of intellect but same time a lot of confusion , diffusion and  indecisiveness as air can not find its destination . So you should always work under the mature ,experienced ,saintly guidance in the Rahu period.


Your Horoscope is showing great commitment of  spiritual life but will take time as i have mentioned. Worship Ma Shakti wholeheartedly, devote yourself ,pray for their bliss. This is your ultimate destination. But in this  birth your salvation is not there .You have to fulfill some Karmik  baggage and fulfill some humanitarian purposes  then only  in next birth you can get the salvation .But your entire spritual journey  and Karma will carry forward to your next birth.Don’t worry for anything just continue with your good Karma. But this is confirm in Rahu period peace and satisfaction will be a step away from you, accept the challenges adjust and do your best.

Enlighten the whole world with your brightness of knowledge and divine power.


Be regular with your yoga and Pranayam practices .This can help you to focus on your goal without any  illusion.

Wear Yellow Sapphire (5.25 carat)

Wear Pearl Pendant with Sidhbissa yantra.

Use sandalwood  products as much as u can , like soap, powder ,packs ,eatables,essentials etc.

Use peacock feather

Drink coconut water

Help leprosy people

Give needful for swipper or the people related to cleaning services (tea packets,food packets, slippers, shoes, umbrella ,clothes etc.)

Read Bhairav Chalisa

Chant  the mantra ‘Om Raa(n) Rahve Namah’.  Chant Rahu Beej Mantra for 18000 times in the duration of 40 days.

Once you finish it then start Om Dum Durgaye namaha (1mala)

Worship of Lord Shiva do rudrabhishekam ,visit Jyotirlinga.

Read devikavch regularly.

Use Sandalwood pouches under your mattress, in your purse, in your room ,in your car etc.

These remedies can pacify the negative impact of Rahu and enhance the positive side of Rahu and control the illusion ,confusion and indecisiveness created by Rahu. I have given more emphasis on Shakti because of your Rahu period also,  the best survival.Wishing you a great spiritual and blissful journey ahead.

Dr Neelima Shekhawat.

Vedic Astrologer, Vastu Expert, Healer, Educationalist and Motivational Speaker